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General Announcement
Reference No CU-071128-60533
Stock Name : EVERGRN
Date Announced : 28/11/2007


Type : Announcement
Subject : Evergreen Fibreboard Berhad ("EFB")
Extension Of Time To Comply And Waiver From Complying With Conditions Imposed By The Securities Commission ("SC") In Relation To Certain EFB's Properties

Contents :

We refer to our announcement dated 13 November 2006.

On behalf of EFB, Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad ("Aseambankers") had made an application to the SC on 19 October 2007 to seek a further extension of time of one (1) year up to 4 November 2008 ("Extension of Time") to comply with certain conditions imposed by the SC as part of their listing exercise as follows:

    (i) to transfer and register the properties for parcel No. 03-35, 03-36, 03-37, 03-39, 03-41, 03-43 and 03-45, Mukim of Pelentong, District of Johor Bahru under the name of Dawa Timber Industries (M) Sdn Bhd; and

    (ii) to obtain approved building plans and subsequently certificate of fitness ("CF") for the unapproved structure situated on PTD 11229, Mukim of Seri Gading, District of Batu Pahat as well as obtaining CF/ certificate of practical completion ("CPC") for structures which have been approved but yet to be issued with CF/CPC.

    In the same application, Aseambankers, on behalf of EFB, had also sought the SC's approval for a waiver from complying with the condition to obtain approved building plans and subsequently CF for the unapproved structure situated on Lot No. 10321, Mukim of Seri Gading, District of Batu Pahat ("Waiver").

    The SC had, vide its letter dated 22 November 2007 (which was received by Aseambankers on 27 November 2007) approved the Extension of Time. However, the Waiver was not approved by the SC and an extension of time was given by the SC for EFB to comply with the said condition by 4 November 2008.

    The SC's approvals as stated above is subject to the following:

    (a) Aseambankers/EFB is required to make quarterly announcements to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on the status of the applications; and

    (b) Aseambankers/EFB is required to inform the SC on the status of the applications when the quarterly announcements are made.

    This announcement is dated 28 November 2007.