Started in 1972 as a timber trading and veneer manufacturing company (Evergreen Timber Singapore), Evergreen responded to market demands and expanded its production to include manufacturing Medium Density Fibreboard, Particleboard, Furniture, value-added wood-based products & Resin.
1980Started 1st Fancy Veneer mill in Malaysia (Dawa Timber)
1987Established world 1st & Largest Veneered Doorskin MDF Line producing over 20,000 skins a day (Evergreen Decor Product)
1993Commissioned 1st MDF Production Line (Evergreen Fibreboard)
1994Paint Coating Line installed
1995Established Veneer Lamination Line & 1st HDF Moulded Doorskin Line in Malaysia
1996Paper/Foil Overlay production line installed in Parit Raja
1998Knock Down Furniture production commenced in Parit Raja
1999Flush Door Line installed in Parit Raja
2000Commissioned 2nd MDF Production Line in Parit Raja
2002Evergreen Hevea Resources Incorporated
2003Commissioned 1st Particleboard Line in Segamat (Allgreen Timber Products)
2004Commissioned 1st MDF Production Line in Thailand (Siam Fibreboard Co. Ltd)

Commissioned 2nd MDF Production Line in Thailand

2006Accquired MDF operations (2 lines) from Merbok (Takeuchi). (Evergreen Fibreboard (JB) Sdn.Bhd
2007Commissioned 1st Bio-Mass power plant in Thailand. ( GRE ENergy Co., Ltd)
 Joint Venture & with PT Hutrindo Jaya Fibreboard & PT Uforin Prajen Adhesive Industry. ( PT Hijau Lestari Raya Fibreboard )

2008Commissioned 3rd MDF production line in Thailand.

Commissioned Glue Resin Plant in Parit Raja, Johor ( Evergreen Adhesive & Chemicals Sdn.Bhd

Accquired MDF operations ( 2 lines) from HUME. ( Evergreen Fibreboard (Nilai) Sdn.Bhd

  Established Evergreen Hevea Resources Sdn.Bhd for logging of coucession areas


 Established Evergreen Plantation Resources Sdn.Bhd for Management of Jasa Wibawa

 Incorporated Evergreen Adhesive & Chemicals (Gurun) Sdn.Bhd


Joint venture in Craft Master Timber Products Sdn.Bhd.

Incorporated Evergreen Warehouse & Logistics Sdn.Bhd

Incorporated Evergreen Agro Sdn.Bhd

 2012 Incorporated Asian Oak Co., Ltd in Thailand

 2013 EWL change name to Locomotion Services Sdn Bhd on 01/11/2013


 Incorporated Everlatt Sourcing Sdn.Bhd

Commisioned Biomass Wood Pallet Plant in Segamat, Johor

  Incorporated Siam Furniture (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

 2017 Commission new Particleboard line in Segamat, Johor