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Direct Print Board
Evergreen’s new value-added product, Ever-Print, utilises new direct printing technology to print solid colours, wood grain designs, and decors directly onto an MDF surface without using paper or PVC as a base. The process of direct printing on MDF is widely used in Europe and was successfully introduced in Southeast Asia recently.

Applications for Finished Ever-Print Products

Ever-Print is used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Furniture backing, drawer bottoms, shelves, sides and fronts
  • Joinery for partitions, door skins, wall panelling, and ceiling elements
  • Interior transportation elements and containers
Customer Benefits

Evergreen is committed to producing high quality products for their customers. Specifically, our newly introduced Ever-Print MDF product meets all industry standards (DIN, EN, ASTM, JAS). Because direct printing is a particularly efficient downstream MDF process, our customers enjoy added benefits.

Ever-Print is:
  • Economical – Very low material cost per square metre.
  • Flexible – Colour and gloss can be easily adjusted to match virtually any surface. Easily changed print patterns.
  • Exact – Exact alignment of print/pattern to produce homogenous products in different sizes.
  • Ecological – All coatings used are waterborne or UB acrylic which are environmentally safe with VOC < 50g/kg. The coatings are also recyclable after production run, or easily decomposed. Zero formaldehyde emissions (E0).
  • Easy to Handle – Non-hazardous and non-flammable material.
  • Non Warping – Coating does not tear on surface, thus applicable on thin and thick substrates without requiring reverse side balancing.

Product Range

With Ever-Print MDF, we can offer the added flexibility of different colours for the same design and colour matching to meet individual customer requirements.

Our product range includes: Beech, Oak, Solid Colour, ML Finish, LPM equivalent

Ever-Print Specifications:
Surface Resistance:
DIN 51960 Flammability K1
EN ISO 3409 Cross Cut and Removal 0/1 *
EN 438-2.14 Scratch 1.0N
DIN 68861-2 Abrasion 2c
DIN 68861-B Stain **
Cleaning Agent

* 0 = no visible change; 5 = surface destroyed
** 5 = no visible change; 0 = surface destroyed

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